Gaia Segattini Knotwear was established in 2019 to demonstrate that an alternative, responsible approach to producing quality clothing, one that prioritizes people and is based on reclamation, is not only possible but also engaging and economically sustainable.

In April 2022, we became a benefit corporation: this type of company represents an evolution of the very concept of business as it integrates into its social purpose the aim of making a positive impact on the community, individuals, and the environment.

Our garments are iconic and unconventional, not just in terms of aesthetics but also in terms of design and production methodology.

In fact, the yarns we use are primarily surplus from production to minimize waste of raw materials: it is the yarn that dictates the style, not the other way around as is typically the case.

The quality of the yarn and artisanal craftsmanship ensure the durability of the garment and consequently respect for the environment.

We do not create collections, but a series of continuous "mono products" to help people build their wardrobe consciously, without generating overproduction that could lead to unsold inventory.

The production of our garments takes place within a 70 km radius of our production facility located in the Marche region. This proximity allows us to have real control over the production process and working conditions of suppliers and artisans, with whom we collaborate to determine the product, price, and production timelines: variables that are never imposed from the outside but established collaboratively.

For all these reasons, the community that has developed around Gaia Segattini Knotwear over time is invaluable: constant listening and dialogue with our customers allow us to better understand their needs, desires, and produce garments that are increasingly tailored to them, garments they can love and perhaps even pass down through generations.