• Pillow case made of of Italian recycled cotton yarn (65% cotton, 20% polyester, 15% other fibers), made and packaged in Italy, in Le Marche region.

  • It has a tubular jacquard, so inside it creates a cute reverse effect.

  • It fits a 50 X 50 cm pillow

  • TuttyFrutty patterns have been designed by illustrator Antonio Colomboni


Each color and size variant is made in a very few or unique pieces as it is made with surplus quality yarns or recycled ones. This choice was made specifically for a sustainability pourpose to recover yarns and limit new production, dyeing, transport and therefore waste of energy as well as supplies leftovers. Colors may appear slightly different from the picture.


Hand wash or machine wash in cold water, dry flat. The TuttyFrutty pillow case, if treated with care, will stay with you forever.

tuttyfrutty - black/jempink bananas pillow case

Color: nero / rosa jem pink

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