If you see so many SOLD OUT products it is because they literally sell out every time they go online.

We are a small company from the Italian region, Le Marche that produces in limited quantities. To ensure a sustainable and combinable wardrobe, we often re-propose our most iconic models in different, unique colours.

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The restock is the moment when we launch completely new models and put online the very few pieces of the other garments for which GSK is famous.

... And when we say our garments are unique, it is not marketing, it is because the quantity of some items is literally 1.


The values of sustainability we follow are imprinted in our every single step.

Our business model is based on responsible entrepreneurship which includes the conscious choice of raw materials and the reduction or complete avoidance of waste, guarantees an engaging and respectful relationship with our staff, safeguards small local production companies and ensures correct financial management.

For all these reasons, GSK does not manufacture seasonal collections, but instead small restocks every month in order to better test the needs and tastes of our public.

For us, sustainability goes beyond raw materials.

We value wast

For some products we don't have the chance to create an entire collection. The yarns we use are scarce, always random and come in small quantities. Our products are made in limited quantities and unique color variations.

What about our weaving scraps? We reuse them as packaging for our accessories or deliver them to a local entity that deals with textile repurpose.

No warehouse

When planning what we are going to sell, we carefully calibrate our production for each restock. Producing extra to help increase the quantity of unsold products is a game we don't want to play.

Collections and seasons are a thing of the past.

Our production chain is short

The supply chain, as well as all the players who work along the production process, is very short!

We want to deal directly with the people involved, and the limited quantity of yarns allows us to have a direct relationship with each person who participates in the production process. Our garment comes to you from our knitwear factory produced and packaged by the guys that we tell you every day about on our Instagram.

We strongly believe in inclusiveness

We work hard to ensureinclusive fits and styles, which is why all our garments are oftenunisexand can be wornby very different sizes and ages.