November 2022

The Knotwear of Ostra, with its recycled yarns, at the final of Cna Cambiamenti. President Silenzi: «Innovation and environment in the future of our districts»

Il Messaggero

17 Nov 2023

"In the name of sustainability, lives a new life in the hands of Gaia Segattini at the head of the eco knitwear brand called Knotwear, based in Marche, Italy"

November 2022

As she herself says, in our overflowing closets «we do not need anything new».

Il Messaggero

May 2023

"Knotwear, knitwear made with recycled yarns, in a collective company. The founder Gaia Segattini, 52, could not be more proud than in 2019 in Ostra, in the province of Ancona, she founded the company with the aim of supporting creative recovery and craftsmanship counting on a production chain of 70 kilometers."

November 2022

"I have always worked in clothing and I have worked for the first 18 years of consulting career for major European sportswear brands»" explains Gaia Segattini"

May 2023

Listen to our speech from the minute "58

November 2022

"The global data on waste provided by the European Commission is alarming. We have a duty to review our consumption habits. That’s why the Knotwear model is based on the development of the critical sense of the customer and a strong reduction of waste"

April 2022

But where do these 6 million tons of garments come from? " The majority comes from the large-scale distribution of fashion, a business model linked to fast use or non-use. 

October 2022

The problem with "fast fashion"

April 2022

For the first time, the manufacture becomes a pop song thanks to the intuition and desire of Gaia Segattini, founder of Gaia Segattini Knotwear, a company from Ancona that produces clothing with the surplus of regenerated and ecological yarns.

April 2022

Music on with Knotwear People.


March 2022

Recycled yarns, careful management, no stress on delivery times and prices.

March 2022

A scarf with the symbolic colors of the LGBTQ + community on sale on the online shop.

The proceeds will finance the furnishings of the third Rainbow House in Milan, which will open in 2022.

January 2022

Gaia Segattini Knotwear startup: Green knitwear by yarn recovery

Il Messaggero

January 2022

"The scarf is the way to always feel the warmth we need even more right now" - says Gaia Segattini, head of the sustainable knitwear brand Gaia Segattini Knotwear.

November 2021

... with her brand Gaia Segattini Knotwear she is not only putting herself in the spotlight on the national scene, but her intuitions and innovations are also being noticed abroad


October 2021

Fashion km 0 - from Le Marche.

October 2021

Creativity is applied to the availability of raw materials. So, it is the available yarn that suggests the design along with limiting the waste of materials and pollution.


October 2021

... its iconic Bloom sweaters, made with leftovers of precious, regenerated and ecological yarns, are perpetually sold out.

October 2021

Every item is produced in extra-limited bunches, with colour combinations and finishings that are always unique.

Harper's Bazaar

October 2021

Created in Italy, the brand has a keen focus on sustainability and innovation while the pieces are produced with excellence in Le Marche region.

September 2021

Their innovative unisex clothes and accessories are made in Italy from fine-quality leftover yarns.


September 2021

Gaia Segattini Knotwear is the sustainable, artisanal knitwear brand founded and directed by Gaia Segattini

July 2021

Their innovative unisex clothes and accessories are made in Italy from fine-quality leftover yarns, with a creative and contemporary design ...

Giugno 2021

Gaia ci racconta la scommessa di un brand il cui nome rappresenta un gioco di parole con cui si vuole sottolineare la caratteristica non convenzionale dei prodotti.

Maggio 2021

La classica maglia marinière? In cotone rigenerato, di Gaia Segattini.

31 Maggio 2021

Un modo di intendere la sostenibilità nella moda che traspare chiaramente nel modello di produzione su cui ha fondato il suo brand

29 Aprile 2021

... Gaia Segattini Knotwear si contraddistingue per la realizzazione di capi e accessori donna, uomo e unisex, unconventional, con un richiamo agli anni '80, realizzati con filati di giacenza di produzioni italiane di altissima qualità ...

3 Giugno 2020

I pezzi di maglieria prodotti ogni mese sono pochi, le clienti ed i clienti si affollano a centinaia

2 Dicembre 2020

Questo marchio produce anche deliziose e coloratissime copertine in lana, perfette per l’inverno

3 Giugno 2020

Made in Italy fra moda sostenibile e manifattura digitale

5 Maggio 2020

Gaia Segattini Knotwear: La gioia del brand, la forza del made in Italy

8 Novembre 2019

Lentezza e piccoli numeri, forza sostenibile di un'altra moda

30 Ottobre 2020

La maglieria non convenzionale di Gaia Segattini

Resto del Carlino Nazionale

28 Marzo 2019

Maglie e gioielli, artigiane di genio