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Gaia Segattini "Knotwear" is a play on words that emphasises the unconventional characteristics of our products; not only from an ideological and aesthetic point of view, but from the design, production and commercial side as well.

The yarns used are high quality production leftovers, this both for the purpose of sustainability as well as to limit supplies waste. This way is the yarn suggesting the style and not vice versa.

We take to heart the quality of the yarn and the workmanship as an act of honesty and respect towards our customers, as well as a guarantee of durability, and therefore respect for the environment.

Our garments combine both knitting machines techniques and hand-made details, to ensure the highest levels of manufacturing and craftsmanship, and to guarantee iconic garments.

Each garment is therefore produced as a single piece or very few items.

Produced by: Giuseppe Puocci, Federico De Cecco. Logo Animation: Diana "Spaghetto" Manfredi. Makeup: Gianluca Brandoni.

Produced by: Giuseppe Puocci, Federico De Cecco. Logo Animation: Diana "Spaghetto" Manfredi. Makeup: Gianluca Brandoni.

Our target audience is not identifiable by gender, size or age, but simply shares the same curiosity and self-awareness: all the sweaters are in fact genderless and can be worn by different sizes.

Our manufacturer is a typical, and genuinely authentic Italian company: small-medium sized, probably anonymous to most, which over time has been reinventing themselves and won prestigious clients thanks to quality work, empathy, creativity, adaptability and skills – whilst maintaining a young and family-led environment.

We no longer believe in collections, seasons and blind launches – nor in sales campaigns or traditional commercial routes. We want to get directly to people, [not customers], who share our values and aesthetics and want a really wearable but never basic garment. And creating a relationship of true collaboration and care with the stores that will choose us precisely for our values and uniqueness.

The limited amount of yarns makes us free to choose one person at a time, the peculiarity of our approach and design makes us sure that this person is really special.

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