In April 2022, Gaia Segattini Knotwear became a Benefit Corporation

This type of company represents an evolution of the inner concept of business because it integrates in its corporate purpose. In addition to profit objectives, the aim of having a positive impact on the community, on people and on the environment is one of our main goals.

For us, these principles represent something intrinsic to our way of doing business.

In fact, ever since the creation of our company, we have wanted to demonstrate in a tangible way the will to make a difference, whether that be creating value for the community and the territory in which we live, paying attention to the needs of those around us, helping to stimulate the collective consciousness towards models entrepreneurial and more sustainable consumption. For this reason, the transformation into a Benefit Corporation was something "natural", or even almost "taken for granted" for Gaia Segattini Knotwear.

Our Statue

In the Statute, we have included five key points. These are the foundations on which our idea of ​​life, business and work stands.

1. Prevailing use of regenerated, recycled, stock, renewable, recyclable raw materials;

2. Promotion of the short supply chain, "Made in Marche" or "Made in Italy";

3. Enhancement of people, both inside and outside the company;

4. Raising awareness through transparent and responsible communication;

5. Collaboration with organizations, associations engaged in the pursuit of cultural and social activities.

The Impact Report

To demonstrate that transparency is something intrinsic to our company, we have decided to go beyond the law, anticipating the times on a voluntary basis. For this reason we have publish our first Impact Report: that tells the stories, faces and events that have marked our 2021! If you would like to know more the impact our company has on the environment, download the docuemnt below:

Raw materials from best quality leftovers, reuse and zero waste

Our creations are made from waste, in line with the principles of the circular economy. That is, regenerated or leftover yarns from Italy. We only rely on yarns of the best quality and high performance that are already available in the warehouse of our knitwear factory, leftover production stocks of spinning mills, knitwear production workshops or other specialised Italian manufacturers. We also use raw materials of natural origin like shetland wool, virgin wool, merinos, mohair, and alpaca. Our cotton is either regenerated or mulesing-free. All the material that we're unable to use in our production process gets recycled. We collaborate with a Marche-based company that deals with textile recycling, the same we rely on for the procurement of yarns in the first place.

Virtue and innovation are key to our creative process

The use of leftover yarns forces on us the implementation of a design process that stands at the opposites of an industrial one: instead of starting from the drawing, we start from the raw material to come up with the model. The garments are conceived and designed based on the selection of available materials and the analysis of the most effective technology. Thanks to the consistency of the entire process and the continuous analysis and feedback from our customers, we don't make garments that last just a season, but knitwear that stands the test of time. This unique approach determines a limited quantity production, presented all year round with monthly re-stocks and zero warehouse inventory. The yarn we're able to source is scant, therefore there are only a few samples of each unit, made in numerous color combinations with hand-crafted details. All items are designed to be worn layered to create your own unique and personal style. The high quality production allows you to extend the life cycle and the use of the garment, which we invite you to repair or mend when normal wear and tear starts to occur.

Collaboration, respect and inclusion

We treasure the importance of every individual involved in the supply chain and make sure they feel part of the creative and production process without undergoing pressure of any kind. The success of our brand is mainly linked to the value of the people who invest resources and believe in the project day in and day out. We try to reach people directly, not treating them as mere customers but using our garments as vehicles to promote responsible consumption, ethical, cultural and social values. We talk about ourselves through a clear and transparent communication, without ever giving up sincere empathy and good humor. Our audience doesn't share the same sex, size or age, but they surely share the same curiosity and self-awareness. This is why our sweaters are unique, never basic, often unisex and wearable in different sizes.

Short supply chain "Proudly Made in Marche"

We manufacture entirely in our region, Le Marche, making use of a young and passionate in-house staff, as well as small external artisans scattered among the Marche hills. Our supply chain is short: almost all of the production processes take place within a radius of 30 km and the operational headquarters are visited by us 2 or 3 times a week all year round. This short distance allows us not only to reduce transport-related pollution, but also to exploit synergies to offer you the best possible product and ensure that all steps are carried out in compliance with all employees. Local production has the additional benefits of guaranteeing the high quality of our Made in Italy products, supporting the excellence of craftsmanship, ensuring a positive economic return for local suppliers and enhancing the human capital involved in the project.

Sustainable packaging

We go above and beyond to limit production waste. For example, we reuse scraps and test sheets as packaging for our necklaces or as pillow cases. Furthermore, we try to limit the pollution caused by plastic substances by not using them at all in our packaging. For those who buy online, the packages used for shipments are made entirely of paper (box, adhesive tape, travel documents envelope). We do not use hangers or polybags (plastic packaging bags): our bags are made of corn and compostable material.

Ethical code

It is natural for us to think that acting responsibly and transparently is the basis of every business action. Our ambition is to grow by generating positive change that can benefit our territory and the entire community. For this reason, we have strongly wanted and taken care of the drafting of our Code of Ethics and Conduct, which contains all the values, principles, rights and duties that those who collaborate with the company, in any capacity and at all levels, must abide by. Approved in October 2021, our Code is aligned with the main international regulations and best practices and integrates all the sustainability issues that inspire our work in a coherent and systematic manner. We strongly believe that it is possible to “do more and better with less” and we are committed to promoting sustainable consumption, production and lifestyles as much as possible, through the active involvement of our public. The provision of adequate information and the creation of sustainable and artisanal products guides our commitment to disseminating the principles and values ​​contained in the Code, through constant awareness actions, including on social networks and on the web. To learn more about the pillars that inspire our action, regulate the decisions and the way our company operates, the Code can be freely viewed by clicking the below button.

At Gaia Segattini, we believe in an ethical respect for sustainability, even beyond our products. That is why we have partnered with Banca Etica.

Gaia Segattini Knotwear is a supporter of Pangea Onlus, a non-profit organization that has been around since 2002. Its goal is to support the economic and social development of women, their families, and their communities.

Gaia Segattini Knotwear supports ActionAid Italia.

Gaia Segattini Knotwear is a Benefit Corporation.

Gaia Segattini Knotwear has been associated with rén collective since 2021. Together, we share a true committment to spread knowledge about the evolution of fashion.