Ethical Clothing

Made in Marche with the brand

The GSK project  aims at developing an innovative process of internationalisation while strengthening its Marchigian export identity, trough the design of a new ethical clothing line, innovative knitting solutions. GSK aims to achieve this through the use of innovative materials (eco-compatibles, recyclable as well as leftovers), sustainable solutions and economical/environmental ethics. Such requirements are of high interest for the fashion and aim to fulfill the needs of the international customer.

To efficiently reach the international target-markets, the proposal will be supported with integrated, highly innovative and creative measures, such as the realisation of pop up store and events, both inside and outside Italy, design of tools for the online sales, development of an exclusive system of online promotion, development of an innovative marketing system integrated with the valorisation of the region, implementation of an ethical value-traceability system for the Made in Marche label.

This initiative will be realised by a chain of 3 firms with a strong Marchigian identity, each one with specific and complementary skills for the achievement of the final objective. The project will last 18 months and will leverage internal HR, collaborations and external industrial/commercial partners, as well as technological resources.

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