Raw materials from best quality leftovers

Gaia Segattini Knotwear creations are made by wonderful leftover and recycled yarns: leftover yarns of the best quality and high performance that are already available in the warehouse of the knitwear factory, and textile production waste of premium brands recycled by Italian firms. We use natural and eco-sustainable materials: recycled cotton, Shetland wool, merinos, mohair, alpaca.

Waste Reduction

We strive to limit our production waste in every aspect of the manufacturing process. We reuse waste and test sheets as packaging for our necklaces or as pillow cases. What we are not able to reuse is given to a company that deals with textile recycling, this is the same company which we collaborate with for the recovery of yarns. Shipping: our whole package is made of paper (box, adhesive tape, envelope for shipping labels) and our envelopes in corn and compostable materials. All our clothes are made in the Marche by a young, passionate, professional and involved team and by small, sometimes one-person only, laboratories scattered among the hills of our region, Le Marche.

Our creative process is virtuous and innovative

By using yarns that exist already we carry out a process that is inverse compared to the industrial one: instead of starting from the sketch, we start from the raw material to invent models and styles. Therefore the clothes are designed on the basis of the available materials selected and the analysis of technology, without any production waste nor pollution.

Garments with authentic and useful sustainability

Thanks to the consistency of the entire process and the continuous study and engagement with our final public, we put into production only focused garments in limited quantities and therefore practically with zero stock leftovers. We don't make fashion items that last a season, but products that we make every year and that can be layered to create your own personal style. High quality, fun and ease of use which together are extending the life and the real use of the garment.

Our Environment

Gaia Segattini Knotwear is an innovative manufacturing start-up founded in June 2019. The project sprang at the end of 2018 from the 20 years-long experience and passion of Gaia Segattini as fashion designer, advocate for the new Made in Italy artisanal entrepreneurship and expert of digital communication, and it’s developed in synergy with a small long-established manufacturing firm rooted in Le Marche region.

Italy has a very important historical artisan and manufacturing heritage that, still today, makes much of the global luxury productions: different clusters of interconnected small and mid-sized manufacturing companies operating in small geographical areas within the regions, with each regional district characterised by strong craftsmanship and industrial specialisations. Le Marche region boasts the great heritage of the most important artisan districts in the world: productive centres of excellence for, among the others, clothing and knitwear, shoes and leather goods, hats. A network of firms and studios run by skilled artisans that have honed their outstanding craft for centuries, who have innate aesthetic taste and deep devotion to their job. Because while they make the products they know intuitively how to make things more beautiful. This disseminated knowledge is also strongly tied to the territory the artisans belong to: that is often characterised by the typical Medieval villages, true cultural and artistic gems, surrounded by green hills and a few steps away from the sea, places where the authentic Italian essence of the lifestyle and products is preserved.

We strongly believe that sustainability and ethical values should not be confined to the product only. This is why our bank of choice is Bancaetica

Gaia Segattini Knotwear is an active supporter of ActionAid

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